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UPDATED: 2020 Rivals100

Southern Columbia WR Julian Fleming is now the No. 1 wide receiver in the country.
Southern Columbia WR Julian Fleming is now the No. 1 wide receiver in the country.

Penn State has offered 42 uncommitted prospects that made the latest Rivals100 for the Class of 2020. Of that group, 27 are among the Top 50 and 17 landed within the Top 25.

Of course, some of those players are more interested than the rest. That list is headlined by DE Bryan Bresee, who moved down one spot to No. 6, and WR Julian Fleming, who moved up three spots to No. 12 overall. Fleming is now the No. 1 wide receiver in the nation, surpassing another Nittany Lion target at the position, Rakim Jarrett, who sits at No. 15.

Three other notable recruits within the Top 20 are tight end's Arik Gilbert and Darnell Washington, as well as LB Mekhail Sherman. Gilbert, No. 7 overall, visited for the Ohio State game this past fall while Sherman, No. 18, has been on campus four times dating back to June 2017. Washington, No. 17, visited Penn State earlier this month, Feb. 1.

The rest of the Top 50 is highlighted by two running backs: MarShawn Lloyd and Jalen Berger. Lloyd, who moved down five spots to No. 24 overall, has taken three visits to Penn State, while Berger, who remained at No. 36, has taken four visits to University Park. With that said, Berger hasn't returned since last April, while Lloyd was last on campus in June. Ja'Juan Seider and the rest of the staff are pushing to get both on campus before the end of April.

LB Antoine Sampah, who moved down 11 spots to No. 21, Saf. Jordan Toles, down two spots to No. 44, and DE Darrion Henry, down two spots to No. 45, are three other notable players inside the Top 50.

The second half of the list features RB Chris Tyree, No. 60, and OL Aaryn Parks, No. 84. Tyree has already taken five visits to Penn State, while Parks has been on campus three times. Parks recently hinted at making a commitment, but it now looks like he'll slowdown his recruitment and visit a few other schools. With that said, Penn State should still be considered the favorite with the National Christian Academy prospect. .

A few other notables include DE Demon Clowney, No. 58, CB Luke Hill, No. 76, LB Kalel Mullings, No. 87, and WR Marc Britt, No. 93.

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Rivals100 prospects that hold a Penn State scholarships offer

2) RB Zachary Evans (Stayed the same)

3) LB Justin Flowe (Stayed the same)

6) DE Bryan Bresee (Down one spot from No. 5)

7) Ath. Arik Gilbert (Up two spots from No. 9)

9) CB Kelee Ringo (Down one spot from No. 8)

10) OL Justin Rogers (Up four spots from No. 14)

11) DE Myles Murphy (Stayed the same)

12) WR Julian Fleming (Up 3 spots from No. 15)

14) RB Kendall Milton (Down two spots from No. 12)

15) WR Rakim Jarrett (Down 2 spots from No. 13)

17) TE Darnell Washington (Down 1 spot from No. 16)

18) LB Mekhail Sherman (Stayed the same)

20) LB Reggie Grimes (Up 8 spots from No. 28)

21) LB Antoine Sampah (Down 11 spots from No. 10)

22) OL Myles Hinton (Down 5 spots from No. 17)

23) CB Fred Davis (Down two spots from No. 21)

24) RB MarShawn Lloyd (Down five spots from No. 19)

26) WR Johnny Wilson (Down four spots from No. 22)

31) Ath. Cartavious Bigsby (Up seven spots from No. 38)

34) OL Chris Morris (Down one spot from No. 33)

35) LB Phillip Webb (Up 104 spots from No. 139)

36) RB Jalen Berger (Stayed the same)

38) DE Desmond Evans (Up 29 spots from No. 67)

40) OL Andrew Gentry (Stayed the same)

44) Saf. Jordan Toles (Down two spots from No. 42)

45) DE Darrion Henry (Down two spots from No. 43)

47) WR Marcus Rosemy (Down 21 spots from No. 26)

54) CB Clark Phillips (Down one spot from No. 53)

57) WR Jermain Burton (Up one spot from No. 58)

58) DE Demon Clowney (Down one spots from No. 57)

59) WR Jordan Johnson (Down eight spots from No. 51)

60) RB Chris Tyree (Down one spot from No. 59)

61) Saf. Devito Tisdale (Down one spot from No. 60)

67) Ath. Teriyon Cooper (Up 25 spots from No. 92)

76) CB Luke Hill (Down three spots from No. 73)

80) CB Miles Brooks (Down five spots from No. 75)

83) QB Carson Beck (First appearance in Top 250)

84) OL Aaryn Parks (Down five sports from No. 79)

87) LB Kalel Mullings (Down seven spots from No. 80)

90) DE Jay Hardy (Up 123 spots from No. 213)

93) WR Marc Britt (Down 44 spots from No. 49)

100) OL Omari Thomas (Down 17 spots from 83)