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UPDATED - Recruit Reactions: Lasch Bash

We caught up with a dozen prospects Saturday night to learn what they thought of this year's Lasch Bash. Now, you can read all of their reactions for free! 

What stood out the most

"I just loved how it was such a home feeling environment. I feel like my relationships with the commits and coaches are very strong. Also, my parents love the school and everything about it. I learned a lot more about their academics today. I think the plan that they have for me is great."

Who he hung out with the most

"Of course, I hung out with my bro, Jaquan [Brisker], but also Saleem [Wormley], who committed last week. They’re both cool dudes and great players. They were both telling me why they committed and why I should. Also, the negatives and positives about Penn State. We came to find out that there really weren’t any negatives.”

More details on when he plans to decide

"Yes, so I plan on making a commitment sometime in August. I’m thinking just before the season. This gives me enough time to talk it over with my parents more and with my coaches. I just want to see how they feel about the decision I’m about to make."

Who he spoke with the most and how it went overall

"I was chilling with Marquis Wilson a lot. I also talked with Micah Parsons and Miles [Sanders] and Anthony Whigan. It went really well today. For you to just chill out with the coaches and some current players and future players, it went well. I can’t wait for the future! What really stood out to me was how we all got along and how we’re on the same page and know what we can do in the future."

Who he spoke with the most and how it went overall

"I was chillin with Emery Simmons a little and Chris Tyree a little. I also talked to Ben Smiley and Adisa Issac. They all could be [possible commitments down the road], but it wasn’t really about recruiting today It was more so just chillin and being friends. I think it went great. Everything here is what I want to be apart of."

Who he spoke with the most

"I was with a lot of different guys. Of course, I was with David Bell and Emery Simmons a lot. We were able to get Emery on board, which was nice. He's a great guy, a great player. But also, I was with Anthony Whigan a lot, as well as Jared Hunte and Adisa Isaac. All of these guys would fit in really well with our group of commits. They're all good guys and great players."

On any potential commitments coming

"I definitely think we're close on a few guys. I don't want to give away names to be respectful to those guys. I want them to have their moment, but I know of a few guys that are really feeling Penn State and enjoyed their time this past weekend. We're definitely in a good spot with a few of these guys that haven't committed yet."

On the Lasch Bash overall

"It was just great to get back on campus with the coaches and my future teammates. We all have a real good bond. Obviously, we've become very close with the coaches now, but we're [the recruits] a real close group now, too. So, it was great spending time with each other's families before we all get ready for our upcoming seasons."

On who he spoke with the most today and how it went overall

"I hung out with Zach Franks and Aaryn Parks today when I wasn’t with the commits. I think both of them are really into Penn State. Today was a really good day for recruiting and getting to know everybody closer. All the recruits and commits got even closer today and that stood out to me."

What stood out the most

"Family is everything to them. The coaches and everyone else knows us recruits can ball. But they preached family and their love for each other. They want to not only see you grow as a player and student, but help you as well. They give you that hard love, and that hard love is something I'm personally used to. I can see myself acclimating to here."

Who he got to hang out with the most

"I spent the most time with 2019 QB commit Taquan Roberson out of New Jersey. He was the first person Coach Franklin introduced me to and made sure we exchanged contact info and stuff. He explained why he committed. His was talking about the coaching staff, the love they show and the perfect combo of world class education and the best football."

Where PSU stands and when he'll visit again

"I'm really feeling Penn State. They will always be in the mix with me. I'm not sure which game I'll be at, but my family and I will look into that in the near future."

What stood out the most

"Today I got to hangout with recruits like myself and also some recruits that are already committed to PSU. Everything about PSU says family. You can feel the genuine love. Every time I visit I feel like I build a greater bond with the coaches. I can tell that Coach Franklin and Coach Banks really cares and absolutely want the best for their players. PSU has a combination of great academics and great football and that is definitely something I'm looking for in a school."

Where Penn State stands

"Penn State is definitely going to be a school that’s in the mix until the end. I’m hoping I can make it back for the Ohio State whiteout game."

What stood out the most

"What stood out to me was the family vibe and how the coaches and players get along really well and also have a good time. The coaches are honest and seem really cool. I didn’t get to learn a lot about the academics, but that the coaches have high expectations for the players to get good grades. But I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Penn State and can’t wait to visit again!"

who he got to hang out with the most

"I did get to talk to Cam Sullivan-Brown. We used to be teammates and he goes to Penn State now. He was just telling me how great Penn State is and what they do everyday."

Where PSU stands and when he plans to return

"I’m really feeling Penn State. They could potentially be where I’m going to college. I’ll be back up at Penn State for the whiteout game against Ohio State."

On what stood out the most

"I got there a little late, so i missed a big part of it, but how much they value family definitely stood out to me. It’s a big thing to Penn State. Also, how the coaches care for their players beyond football and off the field. I met a couple other recruits. They seemed real cool. We played a scavenger hunt which was really fun."

On who he got to hang out with the most

"You know of course I chilled with Lance Dixon a lot, but I also met up with Enzo Jennings. We basically was just enjoying what was going on. I also talked to [Tyler Rudolph] who already committed. He just talked to me about why he chose Penn State and just finding out where he from, stuff like that."

What stood out the most

"To be honest, everything [stood out]. What really stood out the most was how Coach Franklin really talked about a higher education and setting you up for life, not just football. Their organization is more about family and the atmosphere is just crazy!!! I really loved the coaches. When I tell you they are lit, they are lit!"But also, meeting the other recruits was real cool, too. We went on a scavenger hunt that was really fun. I got to joke around a little bit with my boy Caeden Wallace, who committed to Penn State. The whole event was just awesome. I really had a great time."

Details on the scavenger hunt

"The scavenger hunt was more of a tour around campus for the recruits that have never seen the campus, like myself. We saw the dorms and stuff like that, but they made it into a competition where we had stuff on a list. We had find some people on campus, take pictures with them. We had to find a group on people and record them saying 'We Are,' then we would say back, 'Penn State!' It was really fun and creative and I really loved it. Some of the committed guys were playing with us. My partner that I knew was Caedan."

On where Penn State currently stands

"I’m really feeling Penn State. It was so great. I didn’t even want to go home. I can most definitely see Penn Sate in my Top 5, my Top 3, my Top 2, maybe even committing there."

On what stood out the most

"I haven’t visited here in a while, but the family atmosphere is still very easy to see and feel around the building. That includes everyone on the staff. They make you feel like you’re apart of a big family, no matter who you are. I also know a few commits, so I feel comfortable around the players also."

On who he got to hang out with the most

"I’ve known them since before they even committed, so I know it’s a very positive vibe going on at Penn State. Those guys are Hakeem Beamon, Brandon Smith, Devyn Ford and Ricky Slade, who’s already there."

On where PSU stands and when he plans to visit again

"They'll be in the mix. I don't know what game I'm going to yet, but I'll be back this fall."

What stood out the most

"The biggest thing I took away from today was that everyone was a family together, no matter what. Also, everyone made me feel welcomed, like I was already part of their team."

Who he hung out the with most

"I talked with most of their commits. We talked about the main reason they chose Penn State and a lot of them said it was because of the family atmosphere and the great football there. Also, it's an even better education. I also met a few five-star athletes. That motivated me to keep working hard so I could get to that level in the future."

On when he'll be returning to Penn State

"I've already talked to them about coming back for the whiteout game. That's my plan."